With numerous online carpet selling stores floating on the web, one needs cross checking, precision and prudence to make a clear choice. As you can not touch and feel the quality, you have to rely on brands and can also take review from friends, social media page of the seller and forums. While there is ease of purchase in this method you can also be duped which is the concern.

How to buy carpets online??


  • Firstly decide on which kind of fibre you want in your carpet. It should be suitable for your home and life style. Wool, nylon, Polypropelene are the most famous types of carpets.
  • After zeroing down on the fibre, you can go for the colour. Compliment the colour with furnishings and wall paint of the room.
  • Be it a full floor carpet or a small sized stylish rug, you can make selection in accordance with the room size. Thus, size is the next thing in picture.


  • Commom concerns while buying carpets online are the traffic areas of the house, its exposure to the fireplace, color fading due to sunlight, its suitability for the pets and children, its eco-friendly behaviour.
  • Next thing that might be a road block is the budget. Browse the sites, check for the suitable carpet type that also falls under the realm of your budget. Generally web stores offer good discounts so, find one that offers good quality at higher discounts.


  • Once you check all the concerns and are done with your selection, you add the items in the cart and pay online. The order and shipment details would be given shown to you.
  • Carpet would be delivered at you home in the days mentioned in the shipment details.

To conclude, buying carpets online is easy but you have to get answers for all your concerns before you take a plunge. Have not tried buying carpets online?? Just go for it now!


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