Your home decor is incomplete without dressing the floor with beautiful looking carpets. Rugs and carpets of different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and fabric pave way to perfect decor of the floors. They beautify the floor and provide a cushion effect to the foot. Web is growing as a huge market for buying carpets.

Let's differentiate between web stores for carpets and brick and mortar stores:

  • With several web stores selling carpets and rugs, you get an infinite choice which is not possible in brick and mortar stores. So, when you want a pool of variety go for online stores.
  • Stores selling carpets online don't have to pay additional tax, hall rent, electricity bills or other operational charges and so additional charges are not summed up with the cost price of rugs. This makes them an affordable solution.
  • Web stores offer much higher discounts compared to the regular stores. Thus, buying carpets from web stores is cost effective when compared to brick and mortar stores.
  • Your transportation expense gets deducted when you buy carpets online. Though you pay for the shipping charges you still save on the prices you pay for traversing from one store to another.

These differences have given rise to a huge online market of carpets in Australia. As there are multiple benefits more and more people choose to buy carpets online.


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