The online market has become ubiquitous and offer everything which is in demand. In the realm of carpets, you can check web stores that sale vinyl, timber, woollen and even eco-friendly carpets online. These carpets assure healthier living as they are made up of material that is comforting to humans, animals and the over all environment.

How to buy eco-friendly carpets online?

Simple! Follow certain norms of environment friendly materials and get the best deal carpets for yourself. The first thing is to check the CRI label on the carpet. This label assures that the carpet has gone through tests of CRI standards which check the chemical emission rate of the material.

The CRI (Carpet and Rugs Institute) follows standards which check whether the carpet material oozes chemicals with certain odour. It verifies that the material emits least chemicals so as to save the environment and health of the owner.

Before installation the carpet needs to be aired out. When you buy carpets online, you can ask the distributor to do it for you. Plus you should not select carpets that use styrenebutadiene rubber. Instead select the one having felt padding.

While installing the glue used should be non-emitting and the adhesive should be non solvent. These points when checked would help you in selecting eco-friendly carpets. So, just check sites that offer carpets online and buy some healthy stuff for yourself!


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