Say NO to vinyl flooring for patios & porch - Experts

Vinyl floors have been loved by people who like gorgeous looking flooring solutions. These floors have been a symbol of style, fashion and durability. Having been a popular flooring solution since a century, vinyl assures tenacity and durability. It is now used more as a glamorous flooring solution for its striking good designs and alluring appeal.

Vinyl is the finest water resistant material making it ideal for kitchen, bathrooms and laundry area. Plenty of online vinyl stores are available these days. You can select these floors based on your requirement and budget. But a word of caution here is that vinyl floors are not advisable for outdoor areas like patios and porch.

The reason behind not using vinyl floors for external areas is that vinyl and sun are not a good combination. Rain and sun prove repulsive for the adhesiveness of vinyl floors. Due to excessive sun, the vinyl floors can get cracked or even fade in colour. Thus, people living on hot areas should not opt for vinyl as a flooring solution for outdoor areas.

If you are planning to buy vinyl online for your patio or porch, one more reminder would alert you on this. Vinyl tends to be very slippery at times so on rainy days it might result in some unwelcome accidents on your floors. Professional vinyl installers recommend not to use it for outside space because when it fades it looks awful and spoils the whole ambience.

Moisture makes the adhesive lose its grip while sunlight fades the look and texture of the vinyl floor. Though some people suggest using best quality adhesives like gorilla glue would help in holding vinyl floors for exterior spaces. But expert opinion defers to it as they don't advise availing vinyl outside. There are many tips hinting the merits and demerits of using vinyl.

Buying vinyl online saves a lot on the budget but then if your flooring solution doesn't last then the money gets wasted. In the opinion of professional flooring experts, the best way to cover external areas is through non slippery tiles. Non slip rubber floors are also another choice for outdoor areas. Buying all these types of floors including vinyl online would save money and maintenance.

Thus, when you want to make your patio or porch look attractive, select concrete tiles. The tiles can be easily furbished by painting and offer good friction making the area non slippery. So, if you are planning to buy vinyl online for exterior area of your home or office, just think again and choose better alternatives.


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