Tips: Installation of Timber Flooring

Installing Timber FlooringTimber flooring has bounced back amazingly in yesteryears. Of course, they are quite popular because of many reasons.

Timber is one of the rare flooring materials that can be recycled and reused. It also allows you to choose the finish of your choice.

Whether you like gloss, matte or raw finish, you can get it with timber flooring. Now, since you know What is Timber Flooring and the benefits  it offers, let's go through what you need to keep in mind during the installation:


  • Although underflooring is not visible from the surface, yet it has a vital role to play. You have so many options available for underflooring such as concrete, ceramic and many others, but you are going to choose just one, aren't you? You should also repair the underfloor if required.
  • Many people do not plan everything in advance which is no less than asking for trouble. Make a note of all materials that you will need during the installation process. There are times when materials are out of stock and you have no other choice other than waiting until you get all of them and finish off the work.
  • Never ever store the wood in the garage or a place where it is exposed to moisture or rain water.Furniture and other items should be moved to the other rooms, so that dust doesn't spoil them. It also provides you with sufficient space to carry out the installation work effectively.
  • Tools are very important and like other materials, tools must be arranged in advance to avoid any hassle at the last moment.
  • Check the timber floors carefully before installing them. Never ever install a timber floor that is damaged. You should refer to the supplier for this.
  • Now a days you do not need to walk into a store to purchase timber flooring. You can buy timber online as well.
  • These small steps should be followed to ensure that installation is carried out properly. This will not only save you money, but also enhance the durability of your timber flooring in the long run.

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