How to extend the life of your carpet

Learn how to extend life of your carpet.Your home is your favourite place on earth where you live with your family. Everyone wants a home that is comfortable and equipped with all types of amenities and luxuries. One spends a lot of money on the interior and exterior of the house. You want to purchase nothing less than the best for your house like air-conditioners, carpets etc. You purchase the best quality items for your home, but maintenance should never be compromised. The same goes for your carpet as well. Your carpet is one of those expensive things that cannot be purchased every year, so you need to know how to maintain your carpet and how its life can be extended. Many people buy carpets online while many prefer to walk into a carpet store to make the purchase in person.

Frequent and proper cleaning along with some do's and dont's can increase the life of your carpet. You must be aware that you should never walk on your carpet with shoes, but you should also know that walking barefoot also damages the carpet.

Cleaning that extends the life of your carpet:-

  • Vacuum cleaning- If vacuuming is done on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your carpet will be durable for years to come. Dust and dirt can be easily removed by vacuum cleaning. Dirt, dust and animal fibre get down to the carpet pile if not cleaned immediately. This affects the life of your carpet. Frequent cleaning can help your carpet get rid of 70-80% of dust and dirt. This also improves the quality of indoor air.
  • Spot cleaning- Spot cleaning is used to remove spots (stains). If you have kids or pets at home, you will know what an uphill task spot cleaning is. Spots of cold drinks, tea, beer or even urine spoils the appearance of your carpet. Dry cleaning cannot remove stains. Before you start with spot cleaning, make sure that you have gone through the instructions given by the cleaning solution manufacturer. Improper cleaning will rather damage your carpet.
  • Restorative cleaning- In restorative cleaning, latest techniques and equipments are used by carpet cleaning professionals. Same method is not used for all types of carpets. Different kind of solutions and methods are adopted for different kind of carpets.

Whether you prefer to buy carpets online, or from a store, make sure that you ask questions related to cleaning and maintenance of the carpet. This will not only make your carpet long lasting, but it will also save you your hard earned money.

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