Pros and cons of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has been around for over 5 decades and it is becoming quite popular due to its reasonable cost, low maintenance and easy installation etc. It is resistant to water and insects too; however, it has its own drawbacks such as moisture, scratching or cracking, fading, ventilation etc. Let's go through the pros and cons of vinyl siding:-


1. Easy installation process:- Vinyl was originally designed to cover an existing water tight siding material to enhance the exterior. Since it is easy to install, building constructors started using it as primary water proofing material. It can be easily installed without much hassle.

2. Inexpensive material and low installation cost:- As aforementioned, vinyl is easy to install. It is also less expensive than other siding materials in the market.

3. No painting required:- Unlike other materials, painting is not required for vinyl. It saves painting costs as well as time spent on painting. Painting can be an uphill task especially in wet and cold regions.

4. Availability of colours:- There is a wide range of colours available in vinyl siding. Due to latest developments in vinyl industry, vinyl sidings available nowadays are less prone to fading.

5. Easy maintenance:- Vinyl sidings can be easily maintained. They can be washed  annually using power hose. In case there is a moisture problem, then re-caulk of joints may be required.


1. Succumbs to temperature fluctuations:- Vinyl is not deemed a water tight covering for multiple reasons. It cannot keep up with temperature fluctuations. Due to this vinyl siding cannot be sealed at windows and doors. It is quite a bane in intemperate zones as water can get

2. Cannot be caulked or sealed on walls:- As aforementioned, vinyl is prone to temperature fluctuations, that's why it expands and contracts with temperature shift. Consequently, it cannot be sealed or caulked at wall penetrations.

3. Prone to cracks and damages:- Vinyl siding is less resistant to adverse storms and heat. Debris also cause damage to this siding. It is also prone to cracks. Repairing vinyl can be an arduous task, so you may have to replace an entire section of damaged vinyl.

4. Health Hazard:- Vinyl releases toxic dioxin while burning which is hazardous to health and environment. It also succumbs to direct heat, so heat sources should always be kept distant.

5. Peeling:- Vinyl might peel at the corners due to age. It can be fixed by applying glue at the bottom. One doesn't need to replace the entire flooring for this.

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