How to remove mould from carpets online tips

Moulds are species that nurtures in damp and humid conditions; mostly post floods or heavy rains. Leaking pipes, contaminated water and other possible water leakages increase the possibility of moulds. moulds can not only ruin the look of your house by spoiling carpets, laminate floors, timber floors and furniture etc, but brings health problems like fever, allergic reactions, asthama and other respiratory problems too.

Apart from providing you with the facility to buy carpets online, Mike's suggest you easy ways to fight with mould as well. We make your life easy, don't we?

How to detect mould:-

  • Mould thrives on moisture and prevails in damp and humid areas. Mostly, they can be seen in basements, moist walls, Mould can be found in any color or texture. They can be velvety, granular or leathery too. You can call mould remediation experts to perform tests in your house; however, it can be an expensive choice.
  • To detect mould in carpets, lift a small portion of the carpet and try to smell the difference. If you smell musky odor, you can be pretty sure of that mould is present in your house.
  • To detect moulds in laminate floors can be an uphill task. If your laminate flooring is glue less kind, it will not be a problem to check, if there is any mould underneath it; however, for the glued ones you will need assistance of mould professionals who can perform tests to detect it for you. You can search for these professionals.
  • To detect mould under timber flooring, try to smell the areas with high moisture. You can close all the doors and windows to smell the difference. If you see any stains, such as green or black stains on the hard surface, mould is present underneath the timber floors.

Ways to avoid mould:-

There are things that you can bear in mind to ensure that mould doesn't start in the first place. Never put carpets in areas with high moisture. It will be an invitation for moulds from carpets or laminate floors. If carpet has been cleaned with a water machine, make sure that the carpet is thoroughly dried out. Always use a dehumidifier  to fight humidity in your house. Humidity works as a catalyst for moulds.

How to remove mould:-

Before you start mold removal operation, try to find source of moisture in the house. If it is due to any leakage that reqires plumbing expertise, call up your plumber and get it fixed. You must also be sure that you can do the mould affected area by yourself. There are countless 'How to clean your carpets online tips' available on world wide web, but still if the area is huge, call mould remediation experts instead.

  • If your carpet is under warranty, It is recommended to read your carpet provider's manual or discuss it with him. Especially, if you buy carpets online. Most of the people who buy carpets online do not go through the terms and conditions of warranty and later usage of any other mould removing or cleaning agent make them void the warranty inadvertently. So, now whether you buy carpets online or in person, always ensure to ask questions about warranty.
  • Now when you have determined that you can do it yourself, detergent, water and steam cleaning machine is required for your carpet. Mix detergent in water and wet the carpet surface. Suck up the water. This process has to be done repeatedly until water coming out  gets clearer than before.
  • After the cleaning process, make sure to dry out the carpet by using a fan, dehumiifier etc.  Mould will grow back in a half dried carpet.

Always remember 'Prevention is better than cure' and this applies to your carpet as well.


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