Carpet tiles installation method: A guide for the beginners.

If you are looking for a reliable and easy method to install carpet tiles at your home or office, here we present very easy to follow instructions which will help you install carpet layout yourself without having to spend money on professionals.

One of the biggest advantages of carpet tiles is that carpet tiles can be laid over any smooth or hard floor like parquet, laminate and stone. Regardless of type of floor, carpet layout can be laid by following same instruction and installation method.

Carpet tiles installation method.

Before you begin, make sure the floor is clean and neat.


All carpet tiles should be removed from the box and allowed to adjust to the room temperature for about 24 hours.

Things you'll need

  • A utility knife
  • Metal straight edge
  • Cutting board
  • Carpet adhesive
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Measure tape
  • Marker pen

Before Installation

Before you begin, it is wise to get prepared in advance. So just take some tiles and put them in exact position as you would like to see when you are done. The idea here is that it will give you look and feel of how your floor will look after installation, so in case you want any change, you can change at installation time. This will also help you in checking if there is any thin strip at one end – and if so, it will give you chance to start the work from the center edge of the room so that tiles are placed equally at each edge.

If the floor area is very large, you may consider to use any tape or adhesive to join the tiles but before you use, make sure to follow manufacturer's instructions.

Let's start now!

Now check manufacturer's instructions and product descriptions of the pile on the carpet tiles and lay the tiles according to the direction of the pile.

Cut Carpet tiles

To cut carpet tiles, we recommend you to use a strap carpet knife and a metal straight edge to cut the tiles into right size. Turn the tile in such a way that the back faces upwards and cut it from the back. Crack the tile from behind and cut through the top fiber from behind.

When you are cutting the tiles to fit them at the wall, turn carpet tile upside down and set it flush with the wall, make sure you make a mark at both ends where the carpet tile overlaps the next tile. Once you have done this, cut the tile using cutting tool like straight edge.

One point to remember here is, while you are cutting tiles, make sure you mark the direction of the on the back of the cut tiles. You may also use your knife to draw an arrow on the back of the tile for example or use a marker pen.

Now is time for actual installation

Here begins actual installation process, first of all, put the floor design together without fixing permanently or without applying adhesives, to make sure the floor design looks like what you wanted it to look, if it doesn't you have chance to change it.

If everything seems fine, start fitting tiles on the floor without leaving any gap or space in between each other.

Once you've completed placing all the tiles, it's time to vacuum the floor. While vacuuming your floor, don't apply hard force as it might damage the arrangement of the tiles, just slightly and gently continue vacuuming the floor and once the vacuuming is completed, the floor is ready to walk on! Rock on!

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Disclaimer: As we are not aware of your exact situation, please take this advice general only. Each situation may be different, and accordingly specific solutions may be tailored. Contact us for assistance in relation to any specific situations.


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