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Whether it’s your need to buy online timber for your home or to buy timber online for your office, MikesOnline offers an affordable and elegant way to buy carpets online, vinyl online and buy timber online. Our wide range of high quality timber makes it easy for you to choose a perfect matching timber flooring solution for your home and office. Be it your need for a floating floor or your need for a bamboo floor or even solid timber, we can help you buy timber online and save big on both money and time.

Different types, same quality!


At MikesOnline, we help you to buy timber online for your any flooring requirement. Our flooring solution experts have designed and manufactured high quality, sustainable and affordable range of timber flooring solutions that you can rely on for your different flooring needs. Choose from our premium quality Floating Floor, Bamboo Timber and Solid Timber flooring solution range which come in great varieties of color and pattern.

If you are in need to buy timber for your office or home, check our latest, in-demand range of high quality floating timber and bamboo timber solutions at MikesOnline.
Why buy timber online from Mikes Online?

MikesOnline offers wide range of sustainable and affordable range of quality timber flooring solutions. Our widely popular timber flooring solutions have been first choice for residents since they offer extreme comfort and peace of mind at minimal cost. Our highly esteemed timber flooring experts have been looking after ways to improve the timber quality and thus customer satisfaction day by day.

Confused in buying Online timber? Contact us, and we will assist you in buying online timber that fits your home / office environment.


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