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If you are looking for an online carpet store that is offering wide range of quality products at affordable prices, you have come to right place! MikesOnline is Australia's own fine quality online carpet store which will help you buy carpet online in no time and that's too with fully secured payment gateway. So leave your payment security worry behind and start buying carpet online, NOW!

Quality, durability, affordability and security – all at one place!


At Mikes Online, we are dedicated to provide our customers with fine quality, wide range of durable and affordable range of high quality carpets, vinyl and timbers under a highly secured shopping environment. You can buy carpet online, as well as Vinyl and timber online from our online shopping cart for your varied requirements.

Be it your need for Indoor/outdoor carpet or Residential or Commercial carpet, or even tiles and specialist runners; we have all kind of quality carpets which you can buy online from us!

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet:


Indoor/Outdoor carpets are latest and in-demand! Indoor and Outdoor carpet can make your home/office inner and external area look more beautiful and can change the feel of the place. MikesOnline is glad to offer wide variety in color and pattern for beautiful Indoor and Outdoor carpet.

Residential/Commercial Carpet:


If you think that your one piece or style of carpet can fit for both your home and office, then you need to rethink! Because there is great difference between look and feel of a home and office. That's why we recommend you to choose Residential and Commercial carpets differently, when you buy carpets online for your home, you can choose designer patterns and mild color but if you are buying carpet for your office, think of corporate impression. Try to choose some soft color that makes some combination with your furniture. If you need any assistance in online carpet buying, feel free to contact us!

Artificial Grass:


Looking to buy carpets online for your landscape or sports? Artificial Grass is the best suitable option that gives you exact look and feel as if it is real-natural turf! And what else, it comes with sustainability, affordability and of course, quality! They are designed and manufactured so perfectly, that it would be hard for you to tell if they are real or artificial!


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